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Guess-That-Toon Contest

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1Guess-That-Toon Contest Empty Guess-That-Toon Contest on Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:21 pm


Guess-That-Toon Contest Glitterfy0100433T473D39

This contest requires guessing skill, a good eye and a brain that knows alot about the Administrators toons! This is how it works, I will pick one toon (I have already picked) that the administrators have, I will not tell you what the the toon looks like and who it is, and who's toon it is, but everday I will give you a new clue of the toon, this clue could be a picture, a word, a letter, anitials, and maybe even a clue of who owns the toon. Then, after you have enough clues and think you know who it is, you will PM me telling me who the toon is and what he or she looks like. You will get 3 tries, I will not tell you if you are right or wrong after you guess though, but if you are starting to think something different from your clues and start thinking your guess was wrong, you can guess again, and again I will not tell you if you got it right or not. So whoever guesses it right first will be the winner, if no one guesses correctly I will pick from who was closest. The contest ends August 1st so you have a lot of time, the clues will really hard then get easier, so here are the awards:

The Top 3 will earn a Brown nametag and contest winner rank, along with...

1st Place Wins-A Day Of A Super-Mod, (If already Staff you will be promoted for 1 day) 6,000 Jellybeans and a "Great Guesser" award.

2nd Place Wins-A Day Of a Moderator, (Again, if staff promoted for a day) 4,000 jellybeans and a "Great Guesser" award

3rd Place Wins-A Day Of A Mini Mod (Again, staff is promoted for a day) 3,000 jellybeans and a "Great Guesser" award

All Others Win-500 Jellybeans and a "Growing Guesser" award

People Who Have Already Guessed

July 23rd-One Five
Hard Clue right? Good luck!


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