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Toontown's Last Stand

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1Toontown's Last Stand Empty Toontown's Last Stand on Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:56 am


Note: I have been working on this for a while of TTC. I'm going to start posting it up on here also. Here's the proluge!

Prolouge: Toontown. It used to be happy place back then before the Cogs attacked. Over 50 years ago my grandmother Miss Trixie Pepperswirl was in Nutty River, which all toons wanted to be in. Then, a Big Cheese Invasion started in there. The toons kept fighting them off but, they kept coming back. The problem was, the invasions never ended. More and more cogs were coming out to help fight the Toons. Toons were starting to go sad. The Gag Shop started running out of gags, the Trolley wouldn't work and there were hardly any "treats" in the playgrounds for people to get laff points. Once this started to happen, things only got worse. Finally, the cogs started to take the high toons away so the little toons could never win. One of those high toons was my grandmother Miss Trixie Pepperswirl. I have only heard stories about her from my mother, who recently just passed away. After the high toons were took the little toons were forced to live in the Cog's World. The Cog Bosses took over all of our playgrounds, forever. Only until now....

Cog. No. Toon. Yes.
Are you toon enough?

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